“Let's make America
beautiful again.”
- Thom Filicia

  So who's this Thom?  

Thom Filicia is no career politician. Long before he had political ambitions, Thom set out to become a world-renowned interior designer. And, with a portfolio full of celebrity clients and a spot on the hit show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, he conquered that goal. In 1998, he founded the New York-based design firm Thom Filicia Inc, which earned him accolades from across the design world – from House & Garden to Elle Décor – and TV appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Ellen, and more. Now Thom is bringing his vision and pure determination to succeed to the Presidency. He has set his sights on becoming America’s first Designer-in-Chief – where he will give the Oval Office a design edge and make America beautiful again one house at a time.

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“A change of bedding
we can all believe in.”

  Thom's Promises  


"A change of bedding we can all believe in"

As POTUS, I will come into every house in America and change your bedding. Every American deserves to enjoy not only a comfortable night’s sleep, but a beautiful one. At least two Euro shams, two standard shams, and one bolster for every bed in the nation. Because bedding is what the backbone of America rests on.

"Style: Don't Leave Home Without It"

Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. But what about style? Everyone should be able to leave the house secure in the knowledge that they are impeccably styled. Under a Thom Filicia presidency, tourists will come from all over the world to see "America the Beautiful".

"More than just a pillow"

It’s time to tackle the epidemic of throw-pillow loneliness. No sofa should just have one pillow! We all crave company and companionship – shower your sofa in comfy cushions for a cozy and happy home.

"The Democracy of Design"

In America, we are blessed with certain unalienable rights: the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of elegance. No matter who you are or where you’re from, every American citizen deserves to live in style. As your leader, I will be your guide to a world of stylish living. Don't hesitate to decorate!

"No pillow left unfilled"

It’s 2016, are your pillows happy? A pillow full of flat, skimpy fibers it is a sad pillow. So fill ‘em up with fluffy, buoyant inserts – not only will you want to hug those soft, cozy pillows but they’ll be hugging you back. Under a Thom Filicia presidency, no pillow will be left unfilled – whether you live on Wall Street or on Main Street.

"Design for America"

Where did all of our manufacturing go? My pillows and bedding are not only designed, but made right here in the US of A. So get to those drawing boards, sewing machines, and pillow-fluffers… We can do it, America!

“Let’s give the Oval Office an edge”

A Thom Filicia presidency would be a golden age in the life of the White House. No window will be left untreated, no color scheme uncoordinated, no wall art unframed! With its new design edge the Oval Office will inspire awe, intimidating foreign leaders with its style perfection. North Korea – bring it on.

“Every American deserves
to live in style!”

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Style: don’t leave home without it. Show your support for Thom’s presidential bid – and help make America beautiful again – with this selection of on-trend, Filicia-approved merchandise.

A portion of proceeds is donated to Thom’s favorite charity, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®).


“Let's give the
Oval Office an edge.”

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